Unifying and revolutionizing the European quantum startup ecosystem

By making The Netherlands the most fertile ground for growth. We are building the best, most connected, sustainable quantum startup sector in the world by 2028, rapidly scaling through collaboration. We do this by Connection, Capital and our Infinity Stack.


We've identified the EU quantum sector's most critical needs

Financing is key for technological and commercial feasibility of European deeptech startups.

Fundraising is the n. 1 challenge for European DeepTech startups. Their primary challenge is to secure a lead investor.

Deeptech startups are required to secure more funding rounds and raise more capital due to capital intensity even before reaching any commercial goals (technological roadmap).

Spinning out of academia remains a bottleneck for European researcher-driven entrepreneurship: long time (6 months) and crippling equity requests.

Deeptech investment decreased c. 25% compared to 2021 levels, yet still doubled compared to 2020 levels.

European investors are more risk averse than US funds and invest lower amounts. Majority of QC funding is directed at and above Series A stages. Variety of factors lead to early-stage funding gap.

Pan-European collaboration and country-level public support (e.g. tender procurement) could support deeptech startups' market validation and early revenue sources, improving their investment cases.

Insights and research by Atomico, BCG and McKinsey

Europe requires more focus on early stage investments

Public funding still the main driver for quantum technology.

By 2022, public investments in quantum technologies exceed $30B, private investments added $3.2B in 2021 ($5.5B over the last decade).

Proprietary research suggests private investments totalled over EUR 6.5bn over 300+ investment rounds since 2002, constituting a rather small share of private investments compared to public support.

Total value of private investments in 2022 decreased by c. 23% compared to 2021 from c. EUR 2.5bn to c. EUR 1.9bn. Compared to 2020, value of investments increased by c. 128%.

Count of quantum startup investments by year
Value of quantum startup investments by year

US, UK and Canada firmly leading the pack

Although Europe captured a larger number of known startup investments in Quantum (c. 41% of all investments), Americas (US and Canada in particular) captured over 60% of value of the investment rounds.

Count of quantum startup investments by global region

Investments raised by US-, UK- and Canada-headquartered startups account for c. 80% of value of all private investments in Quantum and c. 62% of number of all private investment rounds.

Value of quantum startup investments by global region

infinity model

Light touch, maximum impact to IPO and beyond!

We are a support system that provides a fertile ground for Dutch quantum startups to thrive.

Handcrafted approach without hand holding

Rolling onboarding throughout the year (no fixed cohort)

Access to 80% of the deep tech network

We start by discerning and onboarding prospective talent that inquire to join.

Are you building a quantum startup?

"We believe founders don't necessarily need deep business experience, primarily solid value proposition and commitment."

Empowering researchers to succeed as entrepreneurs

We are geared towards discovery and investment for Dutch quantum startups. Ranging from pre-incorporation to Series B and everything in between, Infinity is for quantum startups in any stage.

We are the best starting point for scientists and entrepreneurs. We inspire and support researchers to become entrepreneurs, keeping the key players in control.

Infinity stack

Reverse engineering the venture process. Most traditional players take startups through a 12-18 month long hand holding process. The Infinity program has reverse engineered this traditional approach, cutting the time to success in half.

We educate the founders so they develop the core skills they need to sustain the business themselves.

Traditional trajectory (12-18 months)
Infinity trajectory (<6 months)

"We guide startups through seed funding and MVP, until they're ready to emerge from stealth."


What we've done so far

The number of quantum startups incorporated in the Netherlands has more than doubled since the start of Infinity.

Number of startups in Infinity program
Number of public (out-of-stealth) NL startups

Infinity supported incorporation and sustainable growth of a large proportion of newly out-of-stealth Quantum startups:

Succes stories

Researcher-led, fully funded and ready for growth in record time

Major outcomes


Successful fundraising of €2M upon initial launch.


Sustainable, future-proof organization with substantial capital resources allowing for the realization of QphoX vision and product development.


Raised €6.5M in non-dilutive funding in 2021 from the European Innovation Council.

"Ton worked tirelessly to strategize and connect us to many investors which allowed us to find the right VCs for our Seed round. Without his support and advice the investment would have simply not been possible."

Simon Gröblacher

Co-Founder & CEO, QphoX

From inception to venture-backed at the speed of light. Now ready to scale

Major outcomes


Closed first investment round within 6 months from incorporation (record time).


QuantWare was connected to our deep tech investment network, resulting in €1.15M invested by publicly known funds and undisclosed angel investors.


Awarded 7.5M EURO by EIC in June 2022 (1091 companies applied, only 74 selected).


Raised 6M EUR Seed led by Forward.One, with QDNL Participations and Graduate Entrepreneur fund.

"Infinity helped us from the very beginning, when it was just us founders and an idea. They've been there every step of the way, helping us with things ranging from fundraising, to hiring great talent, to more personal advice. It is hard to overstate how important it is to simply be able to call someone for advice at any time when starting a company. I honestly believe we wouldn't be where we are today without Infinity."

Matthijs Rijlaarsdam

Co-Founder & CEO, QuantWare

Our unparelleled network consists of 90% of all the world's premiere deeptech investment funds

Over 800+ top tier deeptech investors in our community
€80 billion+ capital tapped into since 2021

"We don't let the lack of funding stop great ideas."


Foster the right relationships

We create founder-investor relationships in a zero pitch, non-pushy, organic container, allowing connections to be made sustainably.

We provide startups with curated opportunities to connect with the Infinity network through personalized introductions and experiential immersions.

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Infinity Unbound

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Infinity created a leading Quantum ecosystem overview and company database

We want to help bridge the gap between science and venture and support the growing European quantum ecosystem. Our Infinity dashboard gives you access to the latest and greatest startups and investors in the quantum space, all in one place. Whether you're a researcher or a startup looking for funding, or an investor seeking the next big breakthrough, Infinity has got you covered.

Join us for a revolutionary voyage

We welcome the following applicants:

You have an existing startup in the field of quantum technology and you’re ready to scale up.

You are in the process of setting up a company in quantum technology and you have questions regarding fundraising, scenario planning, investor discovery and market potential.

You have a venture which has a (prospect) of having a Dutch limited company.

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